5 Best Elearning Online Tools and Applications

With the emerging web 2.0 technology, elearning become much more fun and interactive. These are the best 5 list of online tools and applications for elearning and of course they are already web 2.0 websites.

1. Voxy – Learn language from life

Get tired of learning languages? Do you want to talk about something that you like when you learning a language? then Voxy is the right place for you. Within Voxy you can learn languages while talking about football, celebrity gossip, or business event politics. Voxy provide you an innovative language-learning platform that will solve the most common problem that student facing when they learn a language. You can also run Voxy on your mobile phone.

learning language with web 2.0


2. Tikatok – when kids imaginations become a book

Tikatok is a place where parents and their kids can collaborate to write, illustrate and publish their original stories.  Tikatok make it easy to become an author, just write, illustrate the pictures and order as many books as you want. It is a good place for your kids to express their imagination and creativity

kids create book

3. Kido’z – A kids browser

Kido’z is a kid browser which provide video, game, and much more that your kids will be able to browser, learn, create and interact in one safe environtment. Parents are able to add some websites or video and also able to control what sites that opened by your kid.

kidoz a safe browser for your kid

4. Take Lessons

TakeLessons is America’s full-service music and voice lessons provider. By visiting their website, you can find a certified Takelessons music teacher near you. What you only need to do is to enter the music type and your location.

get the music teacher online

5. Quizinator

Quizinator is an online tool for teachers, homeschoolers, and instructor to create quiz. You can start to create, store and print the worksheet online. With this website, you don’t have any trouble to move around since you can get your quiz document online. This website also has drag and drop features that will make it easier to create many kind of quizzez.

create quiz online

I hope this list will be useful for you and I believe there are many elearning tool and application online which better than this list and need to be found.


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