The Way I Love To Listen To Music Today

Almost everyday, more than 5 hours I spend most of my time in front of my new Imac. Often I feel so tired, bored or exhausted. One of my favorite solutions beside coffee is music. Listening music today is not as hard as the old times when we need to buy cd’s or cassettes. Today all you need is plug your computer into the internet and you can listen music from any sites you like most, say Youtube for the example. But I have my own way to enjoy the music. There are two sites that becomes my favorite.

The first site is It is an online radio where you can choose hundreds of online radio station based on genres. The station that almost every I turn it on is Rock Land USA. Here I can hear lots of pop rock music from various musicians like Greenday, Dreamtheather, Linkin Park, Paramore and many more.


The second site is Besides its outstanding html5 design and user interface, Grooveshark make it easy to find songs and artist to listen to. You don’t have to register to listen to songs that become the play list. You have to become the member when you want to save your play list, but don’t worry it’s free.


Here is what I am going to tell you, when I found the song that I like from, I search the song in and save it to my play list. May be some of you have the same way to listen the music online, I’d love to if you share it here.

I still remember the old times, when I start to love English as my second language and I learn most of vocabulary from the songs. That day there is a local radio station in my town that choose one of popular song each Friday and read the lyric so that the listener able to write it. That’s the way I learn my second language before my family buy their own television.


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