10 Best and Fresh Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

There are so many Photoshop text effects tutorials and each day new tutorials appear. Here we give you 10 best and fresh Photoshop effects tutorial. Go read and try these tutorials to create a new and creative effect.

1. Tron Legacy Tutorial

Inspired by Tron movie logo? in this tutorial you can make a ‘Tron logo’ like that will make your friend say “Woww”

tron logo tutorial

2. Create an Ice Cream Type Treatment in Photoshop

Do you have any imagination to create a yummy text in Photoshop? in this tutorial you can create a yummy ice cream type

ice cream type tutorial


3. A Design Process of Bio Logo

In this tutorial you can follow the design process behind the Bio Logo which linking it with natural environment. By following this tutorial you can create a unique, unusual and of course green design

bio logo tutorial


4. Modern 3D Text Effect

In this tutorial you will use the power of 3d in Adobe Illustrator. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be advanced in Illustrator to follow this tutorial

3d modern logo tutorial


5. Draw a Woodcut-Inspired Typographic Illustration in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a woodcut typographic illustration

woodcut typographic tutorial


6. Pype Typography tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a unique typography by using pipe and hoses as the letters

pipe typography tutorial


7. Create Super Glossy 3D Typography in Illustrator and Photoshop

In this tutorial you can learn how to create a super glossy 3D typography using Illustrator and Photoshop

super glossy 3D typography tutorial

8.  Design a Skin-Textured Typography Scene in Photoshop

Wondering how to create a skin textured typography? this tutorial is for you

skin textured typography tutorial


9.  Create Cracked 3D Stone Text Effect

Have you ever inspired by a stone? this tutorial will lead you step by step to create cracked 3D stone text effect

create cracked 3d stone text effect


10. Create a Stunning Text on Wild Fire Effect

Do you need to burn something? let’s put a fire on your text by following this tutorial

text on fire effect


I hope this list will give some inspiration and also a solution for your design.

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