Free 3D Circle Vector(Illustrator Type File)

Yesterday(11/10), a friend of mind asked me to draw his planning on collaboration between industries and universities. He gave me his sketch which consist of 3 main circle connected to each other. Each circle represents Industries, Communities and Universities. He wanted me to create in 3D version. So I end up with Illustrator to draw the 3d circle. I took the industries and communities vector from Google and I forget the link (my bad.. but it is free). You can download the result of my design in 3D at the end of this article.

Below is the png version of my 3D circle vector.

free 3D circle vector

I create on my iMac with Adobe Illustrator Cs4. There are many tutorials on the net on how to create 3D vector in Illustrator. If you lucky, you can get the best one that suited your need. Let me know about this in your comment.

What is the meaning of that image? well in sort, the university where I work, is planning to build collaborations with industries, which is so rare in my country, Indonesia. The arrow represent the contributions of university and industries to communities. With the collaboration between industries and universities, there will be join research and also tech licensing and this collaboration will provide new opportunities to societies.

Ok, you can download the AI file here


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