10 Creative Footer Designs

Most of website usually take some unwritten standard on their footer website and some people also think that everything in the bottom of a page is not really important. Here I found some website that don’t stick to the standard on their footer. Take a look at my collection and you will be amazed on how creative these people are.

Some user also think the same way that everything in the bottom of a page is not important. Some designers also think that elements in footer are not really able to catch visitor’s attention and it is the reason why footer usually be forgotten or ignored.

This post presents creative example of footer design. Please let me know if you have other resources regarding creative footer design

Larissa Meek – Creative Archive link based on alphabet

We need to provide basic information in our footer page, like site owner, contact details or information that visitors need. Larissa Meek wrote about her in her footer and also she put archive links based on year and also alphabet.

creative footer design

Grayden Poper – a colorful footer

Grayden Poper express their creativity on their footer, a colorful design

Creative footer design

Mecannical – a creative contact form on footer page

OSO Natural Fuel – a creative basic information

When you scrool down on OSO’s page, you will find detail information about its product and when you come to the bottom of the page, you will see basic information displayed in a creative way

Afar25 -Site Navigation and basic information

Afar25 is one of of the winner in CSS web design award. He created a beautiful website and he also design his footer page in a creative way

Creative footer design

No-Bo.co – a colorful and creative contact form in its footer

Cultura Positiva – fish and squirrel on its footer

Lime Magazine – You will see animals on its footer

Lqdi Design – You will find them on the map on its footer

Mike Dascola – becareful with this one

web design



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