Balita, A Free WordPress Ecommerce Theme

Balita is a free ecommerce wordpress theme dedicated to online store that sell products for children. Balita is a word from Bahasa Indonesia which means a kid under 3 years. This theme is designed by team and is free for you to download and customized the theme.

This is the screenshot from the live demo of this theme.

free ecommerce wordpress theme

This theme is well suited for you who run in this niche market or you just want to get started. The theme is powered by wordpress and WP-ecommerce  plugin.
The features of this themes are:

Jquery Slider
It helps you to provide images of your featured product to your customers. It also help customers to find your special products

Ads Banner

It will helps you to promote your products easily .

Related Products

This the feauture that I love the most. Cross-selling will help customer to find the related product in order to encourage them to buy more product on our online store.

Multiple Product Images

Sometimes a product needs to display more than one image. This theme is the solution for you if you need to display more than one image for your product. You can upload them at once.

HTML 5 and CSS 3

This theme is built with current technologies like HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Facebook Integration

This features allows you to integrate your page with Facebook, so you can get more visits to your website

Checkout this page:

Live Demo

Free Download


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