Removed Elements On HTML5

HTML5 has become a hit today as its new elements and other new concept. What about the old elements? HTML5 has removed some old elements with some considerations. For example the presentational attribute such as background(for body element), bgcolor, align and border as they are better handled in CSS.

There are other elements that also has removed by HTML5 such as big, center, font, basefont,s,strike,tt and u as they are more effectively represented in CSS. so goodbye to font and its attribute in HTML5. I still remember the old times when I was learning HTML in my college, I wrote lots of font and its attribute on my page. Even one of my friends web based application that still in use right now is using font and its attribute on many of its pages. His application was build around 2000.

One of elements that I don’t like so much is Frame. Thank god its been removed on HTML5 with other elements such as frameset and noframes.

There are elements that rarely been used by user for their page such as acronym,applet,isIndex and dir. To replace these elements HTML5 has object to replace applet, abbr for abbreviations, and the use of UL instead of isIndex or dir.

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